The Medicine Horse von Ulrike Dietmann als Paperback

The Medicine Horse

- Volume 1: Initiation

“I’m an outright rationalist, an atheist, left the church at eighteen, I have never been interested in mysticism, the occult, telepathy or anything of that sort ... Whenever it’s a question of having to believe in something instead of being given proof, I opt out …”

After her daughter has died in a riding accident, Valerie’s world becomes completely unhinged. Suddenly a horse called Gitanes turns up and declares he is a medicine horse and has come to heal her soul. The horse owner, Tom, a half-breed Indian, invites Valerie to join him on a journey to Arizona in the USA. There amongst the descendants of native Americans Valerie undergoes spiritual initiation into unknown worlds. Gradually she becomes aware of the special gifts horses have …

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