On the Wings of Horses von Ulrike Dietmann als Paperback

On the Wings of Horses

- A Hero's Journey into the Heart of the Creature

What if we purposefully tap the horse’s ability to make us better humans? Ulrike Dietmann offers a heartwarming, empowering program for doing just that. In this book, she uses the model of the hero’s journey, developed by the late author and mythologist Joseph Campbell, helping us consciously, and thereby much more efficiently, access what horses have been silently teaching riders, heroes, pioneers, leaders, and artists for millennia. Her graceful, intelligent writing is also clear and easy to understand as she makes some normally complex personal development principles surprisingly accessible.
Horses are incredible teachers, but they need good translators to bring their wisdom to a wider human audience. Ulrike is a great translator of horse wisdom. Read this book, follow the activities, and answer the poignant, perceptive questions she asks, and I promise you, your life will change. You will become the hero of your own unique story, and you will realize once and for all, that, even when you wander off the main trail and get lost in the woods, you’re never alone in this world.
Linda Kohanov
author of The Tao of Equus, Riding between the Worlds, Way of the Horse, and The Power of the Herd

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