In The Depths of my Soul von Saskia John als Paperback

In The Depths of my Soul

- Experiences in Complete Darkness

Lektor: Fran Pickering
Übersetzer: Gabriele Fröhlich

In 2003 and 2005, the author experienced two dark therapy retreats. For a period of 12 and 24 days, respectively, in the confines of a completely darkened room, and in the absence of any external distractions, Saskia John was confronted exclusively with herself for 24 hours of every day. The only interruption was a one-hour daily debriefing session with her facilitator.

Both journeys into the depths of her soul served to expand her consciousness, as well as presenting experiences of an exploratory, integrational and adventurous nature.
She was able to investigate hitherto unknown territory, which often took her to her personal limits, and at times, even beyond.

The account presents a cross section of the experiential spectrum of the human psyche and is aimed at readers interested in the subject areas of psychology, transformation, spirituality, mysticism, healing of the Inner Child, lucid dreaming, dream analysis, deep meditation, Tai Chi, fasting and Beingness experiences.

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